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PRICES: from 0,06 €/word depending on document types, volumes, deadlines and the involved languages

- Our services -

Translations of all your professional documents into Romanian or into French. The source-document can be written in English, Dutch, French, Romanian or German.
Here are some examples:

Instructions of use

Flyers or other advertising supports, general marketing documentation

Law or administrative documentation, legal letters

Literary writings, abstracts of scientific articles or books

Newspaper articles

Scientific presentations


We also offer services by proofreading your translated texts in French or Romanian to spot all kinds of typing or meaning errors and to get the highest fidelity and accuracy to the source-text


- Why DZG Traductions? -

Because I own a PhD in foreign languages and translations, post-graduate studies and other qualifications. More about me right down:

Fascinated by foreign languages and cultures I began studying Modern Languages (French/German) in Romania, at the University of Craiova.
I graduated an Advanced Master in Intercultural Languages and Negotiations in France at the University of Artois. In November 2007 I defended my PhD thesis in Compared Literature and Traductology, a joint supervision program between the University of Craiova (Romania) and the University of Artois (Arras, France).

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