Translation services

For public and private institutions and companies


Services Description Target Client
1. Translations of economic/commercial texts - Various communication and marketing documentation such as: commercial presentations, promotional leaflets or flyers, specification sheets.

- Translation of websites in a foreign language.
- Industrial companies specializing in street furniture, waste management, renewable energies, clothing, design and decoration, etc.

- Other public or private structures in partnership with the above companies such as: town halls, local authorities, NGO’s, fashion designers or generally speaking the luxury goods industry.

- All other types of industrial companies
2. Translations of administrative and legal texts - Various types of forms or application files (to organize or to take part in a business trip abroad, for instance).

- Regulation or rules for participation (in an international project or other events).

- Legal letters.

Universities or other educational institutions, NGO’s, town halls, law practices or notary offices, etc.

And here is some more:

Translations of literary and journalistic writings

Do you have the project of publishing a book or some conference proceedings for which you would need translations?
DZG Traductions is ready to help! I can offer you my know-how in translating all or part of the book or of the project; I can translate abstracts of articles, book presentations, back cover contents, etc.

Proofreading services

I am a translator, but first of all, still a teacher of French!
I suggest you to rely on my expertise for your written texts in order to get a ‘zero error’ presentation. The proofreading concerns a text which has been directly written in French or in Romanian or which has been translated into French or into Romanian from another foreign language. In the latter case I will need the original text in order to verify the accuracy of your translation.

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